Old Method: Find It!

New Method: Don’t Lose It!

  • People can lose their belongings (keychain, mobile phone, bag, wallet, eyeglasses, passport, …) easily, especially at a senior age. BLUTECT helps! Attach a small Bluetooth tag to your keychain or passport or eyeglasses. When you are getting far from it, BLUTECT will alert you by vibration and notice on the screen.

  • Old solutions rely on Smartphone to help you find your Bluetooth tag after losing it. This method is useless if a tag is out of range. The better solution is to generate a separation alert whenever the tag is getting far from you. For example, when the person has forgotten to take the eyeglasses with him. This way the person can get an alert when he is going to leave something behind.

  • Since the smartphone itself is subject of being lost or forgotten, we use the smart wristband to monitor other Bluetooth devices including computers, smartphones, and Bluetooth tags. BLUTECT generates “Separation Alert” when it loses the Bluetooth signal of one of those devices. This is the main difference between our product and the existing solutions. Existing solutions are based on Smartphone, our solution is based on a smart wristband.

BLUTECT BLUetooth deTECT and BLUetooth proTECT